NEW from UKayed - experience the Extreme Stunt Action of the Splitster! Impress your mates as you race the Splitster over flat spaces, up ramps and into walls! The transparent wheels not only bounce off hard surfaces, but also light up with super bright LED low energy illumination - leaving more battery life for your super stunt activity! Don't miss this absolutely brilliant toy and gift, get yours today!

How easy is the Splitster RC Car to control?
The Splitster allows you to control the right and the left wheel direction. By reversing one side and accellerating the other, you'll be stunned by the Splitster as it stands up and spins on the spot!

Great for indoor or outdoor use!
The Ukayed Splitster has been carfully designed to allow use inside and outside. Take the RC Splitster to the park and play alongside other RC cars. Impress people with your extreme control skills and enjoy the excitement of your friends as the RC Splitster performs its tricks on carpets or parks!

* SUPPLIED with built in rechargeable battery and INCLUDES a dedicated charger!
* Remote Control uses standard batteries - 1x 9v PP3 (INCLUDED)
* Energy efficient LED light technology means batteries last longer!

Genuine UKayed Product...
Accept no substitutes - this is an official UKayed product! Designed and manufactured to high UK standards.

Don't Delay, Buy the Extreme stunt action Splitster today!

Quantity Splitsters at £24.99   

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